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Our photographers are experienced in servicing business, government and corporate clients. We are able to photograph you individually, or your whole team.  We can even accommodate your team at different stages if they can’t all make it to the one session.


We can photograph your team at our studio or on-site. Similarly, why not take advantage of our ‘PERSONALITY PLUS’ solution – our unique service that captures your team individually, after which we simply add them to your group profile. You are guaranteed that your staff portraits are never out of date, and we can simply add or reduce your personality profiles as required.


A headshot is more than a pretty picture. Your image needs to capture attention, particularly if being used for casting or promotional purposes. The right image will be a marketing tool intelligently crafted to communicate those qualities about an actor /performing artist that are generally consistent from role to role. Its purpose is to get the performer called in for those parts for which they are likely to be cast.


Does your child have the talent and personality to be in commercials, catalogues, events, promotions or fashion parades? We can help launch their careers with a selection of natural, fun and vibrant images that would undoubtedly capture the attention of casting directors.

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Pricing and packages

The following ready-made packages can be booked online or by contacting the studio:

Individual portraits

$250 – Single headshot at our studio

Package includes one final image retouched and supplied high resolution (suitable for print), and low resolution (suitable for web / email)

Additional retouched images can be purchased for $125 each.

Premium Portrait Package

$550 – qty 5 images taken at our studio

Package includes five final images retouched and supplied high resolution (suitable for print), and low resolution (suitable for web / email)

Additional retouched images can be purchased for $125 each.

Hair & Makeup

Girls, it’s always best to wear your makeup naturally. We can try different looks with your hair so do not hesitate to bring a hairbrush and any products you may wish to use. We do not have a professional hair & makeup artist on hand, but we can certainly recommend some great stylists in the local area if you would like that extra pampering.

Guys, if needed have a hair cut as least 1 week before the shoot and ensure to shave beforehand.

Keep in mind that we will retouch your final selection of images – including softening of lines, removal of blemishes, whitening of eyes and teeth and the tidying of hair.

What to wear


Avoid colours such as beige, tan, peach or pink. Darker shades can be more flaterring / slimming.


  • Business suit that has been dry-cleaned with a plain shirt and tie.
  • Wear a tie that is plain or has a light pattern and a solid colour if possible.

Ladies –

  • Classic business suit or a simple blouse and skirt or pants

If you cannot decide for sure what to wear or even if you think you have made the right choice but want to be safer than sorry, bring two different changes of clothing to the photo session and ask us for our advice

Actors / Performing Artists / Kids:

  • Wear an outfit to your shoot that you would wear to an audition – you want to look like a person, not an “actor”.
  • We recommend solid colours with no distracting patterns or logos. Avoid anything that clashes with your skin tone.
  • Bring at least one option that matches your eye colour – this can make your eyes ‘pop’.
  • Avoid wearing distracting jewellery or anything that may distract the viewer from your face.

Pre-Portrait consultation & design

We will contact you prior to your photographic session to work together in exchanging creative ideas for the shoot. This is a great opportunity for our photographer to get to know more about you and answer any questions you may have.

Enjoy having your photo taken

Our studio is dedicated to providing a relaxed, enjoyable and no fuss experience. Our photographers understand that many people don’t like having their photo taken, so they will guide you through every stage of the process, making sure you are comfortable and absolutely satisfied with the end result. Your images can be viewed throughout the session – from your outfits, to your expression, we will take the time to get it right, better than you could ever imagine.

Choose your images

 Your images will be available to view immediately after your session. We will assist you in choosing the photos you like and which best suit your requirements. At this stage we will also discuss any retouching that will be applied to your selection.

 Airbrushing & retouching

We guarantee a fantastic result and will retouch any images selected by you. It’s amazing what we can do – from the subtle process of softening facial lines, the removal of blemishes and bags under the eyes to include the whitening of eyes and teeth. Let’s face it – we want to look our best, and we do all of this in a natural way which will only enhance the images.

Your images are ready for use

Congratulations, you now have your photos ready for use. In most cases, your retouched digital headshot will be available on the same day. If you have selected multiple photos, we allow approximately 3-5days.